I have often asked myself and others,  what exactly does it mean to be a dad? I had the distinct pleasure of having a rather excellent dad so I have lots of positive things to draw from while being a dad to both of my boys.   However I have also observed lots of my friends who have not had that experience leaving me to wonder what exactly does make a good dad?

Being a dad implies something today that I did not 20 years ago, or dare I say further back… We are no longer the primary provider, the breadwinner, we are no longer the one with the full-time job financially backing the family. Being a dad and his new millennium runs the gamut of every conceivable occupation as well as some unconventional ones, but I think we can agree that not being a dad is going to leave a detrimental mark on our children and therefore our community. What I mean by this is simply not just what studies show but what I have witnessed in my travels and in my observation, let’s just with what studies show: 

1.  90% of homeless runaway children are from fatherless homes. 

2.  80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes.  

3.  71% of pregnant teenagers lack their father. 

4. 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. 

5. 75% of adolescent patients of chemical of youth centers come from fatherless homes. 


 It’s pretty easy to see the pattern created by not being involved in your children’s life if you are a dad… I think this creates a pretty clear picture of not only the problem that we face but where it’s origins could stem from.  It is the aim of the series over the next few weeks and months to try and re-invigorate disengaged fathers with their children by outlining some of the creative ways to reconnect with our kids, build a relationship with our children, and just exactly what it means when we call the dominant male in our lives dad!  Clearly this word welds quite a bit of importance because when you don’t call someone this word so many tragic things happen that could be avoided if only you were engaged… This should prove to be a long hard look, often times being confrontational, fun, thought-provoking, but at the end of the series  you will have learned a fresh new approach to becoming one step closer to… Dad!!!