6 ways to bond with adolescent daughter: pt2

1. Educate yourself: being a man, you may not be able to relate with the feminine mind, heart, and body. Learn about your daughters world, ask questions and a nonthreatening unassuming way. This puts you in a better position to understand and communicate.

2. Show the love: let your daughter know that you love her, keep the signs of affection constant, familiar, this reassurance allows for open lines of trust and communication.

3. Help her out: be there for her. After that ride to a friends house, offer support for planning a party, even if it’s beyond your knowledge. The more you engage and show that you are fine and teachable the deeper the barn, and the less likely bad choices are made.

4. Teach her to be independent: you have specialty knowledge as a male. Teach her to change a tire, hit a baseball, hike through the woods, but also find things that you can both do together. When you give a little you learn a lot.

5.  Be respectful: show mothers, daughters, and all women in general respect! This is absolutely crucial in every form, fashion, at any stage of life. This is where your daughter learns how to pick a partner in her world. Have a talk to explain guys on a basic level, reveal some secrets about boys with her. Then you can rest easier knowing she can make a more informed choice based on your information. 

6. Just listen: probably the most important. Dad’s have a need to get their daughters advice. Most of the time, unless she asked specifically for input she’s probably just looking for you to listen. She needs to know that you trust her to manage yourself, use these moments to strengthen your bond by listening.

Essentially, be open, honest, and an understanding person. The environment your daughter grows up and will be what she looks for in life and you have a hand in the design of that world. Your partner and you have created this gift for the world, it’s up to you in some measure to hardwire the character traits that enable her to be an exceptional girl who shows her upbringing and the light of gratitude, humility, and kindness.