The power of reception

There is an amazing ability that we all walk around with and most of us may have heard about it and sort of discard the idea that it’s available so easily. Some of us may even go so far as to collect New Age hooey, or just scoff at the idea because it just seems too good to be true. Words like manifest, diversify, gratitude, love, spirituality… You get the idea… It goes against all of our natural instincts because we are men, men often think that nothing can be done unless it’s through sweat and pain or some other such nonsense. What I am talking about is our minds… We spend such a colossal amount of time in a state of fight or flight, when we are in this perpetual state of fight or flight our body will produce cortisol which in turn is a stressor on the body due to its massive consumption of energy. I know what you must be thinking… Oh here we go with another Yogi talking about the power of our mind!!! Having spent a good deal of time with another dad I will affectionately dub “the barefoot sensei ” among lots and lots of reading and research time and again it seems to me there is much more to this then just a passing phase. See it’s very simple to discount and discard something that we don’t understand fully. It’s interesting to me how quickly our minds can form an opinion that becomes the basis for a belief, or to put it another way, why exactly do we pooh-pooh the idea that we can emanate/radiate love and gratitude and in return our bodies react by putting us in a state of calm and rest? Well I think the answer is by and large because it is uncomfortable for us to think that it is so simple… Or we have heard from someone we admire or trust that things like this are just too simple to be accurate. If you need further proof ask your doctor what he thinks of you drinking wheatgrass to try and fix celiac, or for that matter just even mentioning holistic medicine to your doctor and gauge his reaction. As men, as dads, we tend to mirror our own fathers or men that we respect and admire. We will typically discard or feminine energy or things that would seem to be more conducive to mothers or females out of hand.

Stress play such a huge role in our lives that it in fact is responsible for almost 80% of all of our physical ailments. 80% of all our physical ailments! Let that sink in… So what are we so stressed out about?! Is it our job, money, rent being due, or something even deeper like loneliness, depression, etc. men don’t like to talk about being lonely, we don’t like to talk about money, nor do we like to talk about depression. So where do you think all of that goes? You guessed it, it turns into stress and that stress turns in to cortisol which goes back to the fight or flight response that is wrecking havoc on our bodies and our relationships.

So what is the opposite of fight or flight you may ask- Rest and Repair!! Rest and repair is what we get from our parasympathetic nervous system which is something that emanates from our subconscious mind as a piece of software that largely operates in the foreground… That’s right the foreground not in the background where most folks think it emanates from. And while I know that this doesn’t perhaps sound very dad friendly it is so hugely important for us to understand. Rest and repair is something that most of us spent very little time doing. While it is true there by leaving something alone it doesn’t necessarily fix itself, but even when you get angry with your computer or your phone you’ll often turn it off and turn it back on, how often does that work? You would be amazed at how often that works if you’re not already aware… Our bodies and our minds work exactly the same way because our brains are a far superior computer than the ones we carry around in our pockets. It is crucial for us to return to a state of Rest and repair because in our world when we are not busy working we are usually busy stressing about something either work related or personal related. Sometimes our Personal health and welfare is eclipsed by our need for professional performance, and we don’t take the time or don’t know how to learn to Just. Simply. Relax!!! You would be amazed to know that it is simply a matter of gratitude. If we exude gratitude for anything, I mean anything, what we receive in return is our body’s reaction to gratitude… Another words what we put out into the world returns to us in our bodies. If you can remember the first time you’ve experienced love I would wager to guess that feeling has never left you. If you did not marry your high school sweetheart then you have had your heart broken at least once, which is to say that you’ve experienced what the bliss of love feels like. Now take that one step further… When our approach to the world is the same is our approach to love, our approach to ourselves is the same approach to love, our body slips into the gear of rest and repair. It sounds so simple doesn’t it?! What we are putting into the world returns back to our bodies in the form of our parasympathetic nervous system returning to a state of rest and repair which then affects our entire bodies ability to heal itself. As a dad, and for that matter as anybody, we feel as though we need to perform at our absolute best at all times and in all things. That is not necessarily a horrible place to be, as long as it is tampered with knowing when to relax.. (::)